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“Producing art in every sense of the word”
During the end of the year many of us walked downtown and enjoyed the Christmas decorations and experience the magical "Mondi Magiko" at Landahuis Bloemhof without knowing which creative company is the engine behind this festive atmosphere for our community.

The same goes for colorful floats during the Carnival parade or art monuments at the roundabout in Brievengat and Barber.

Kara Productions produces art in every sense of the word.

For decorations made with foam, wood, iron or any other material,

and specialists such as "trainingsacteur" in Curacao, Aruba,Bonaire and Sint Marten.

‘Simply imagine it, and we will realize it.’





With more than 15 years of experience, we manufacture our product from different kind of material. Wood, foam, plastic, iron and many more. This in consideration for the use of the product, its purpose and  the clients needs.


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Kara Productions B.V.

Morgenster z/n


Tel: +5999522-0655


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